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Motorcycle carburetor tempering fault of swot analysis

Motorcycle carburetor tempering, motorcycle users is often met in one of the fault phenomenon.
Caused by the main reasons are:
1, improper operation
In the car driving process, only slowly and steadily rotational throttle grip, envoys valve opening increase gradually, into the carburetor mixing chamber air and gas proper proportions, engine can work normally. If fierce turn throttle grip refueling, carburetor throttle opening will increase rapidly, causing a lot of air high speed through the carburetor. Because of the fluidity of gasoline than air is poor, can’t timely by nozzle extrusive corresponding quantity and air mixed, thus making mixture become more rare. The more dilute the mixture in the cylinder was lit in the combustion rate than normal mixture slowly, the engine in the exhaust stroke end, mixture still burning, then intake stroke in the beginning, just enter the cylinder of fresh mixture was immediately ignite, and has been pilot to the carburetor, thus presents carburetor tempering phenomenon.
2, ignition time too late
Various models of engine for combustion chamber shape, compression ratio, the fuel composition and other factors of different, the provisions of the ignition advance Angle is also different. If the engine in the provision of ignition advance Angle ignition, can ensure that the engine piston compressor in the end cylinder can produce maximum pressure and mixed dare in the cylinder has enough time to complete combustion. If the ignition time too late, piston to compression stroke the check point, flame won’t spread to combustion chamber sixth corner, cylinder internal pressure too late, give mixture combustion time shortened, and at the same time, also can cause in the intake stroke of the beginning, not burning-out of the mixture will be new into the cylinder of fresh mixture ignition and combustion has been to the carburetor, produce the carburetor tempering phenomenon.
3, carburetor misadjustment
Hair fruit carburetor air adjusting screw misadjustment, the main oil injection needle position is too low or float oil plane is too low, the mixture is too thin, also can pack up carburetor tempering.
4, maintain undeserved
From the gasoline tank to the carburetor oil between the not clear (local blocking), because of, also meet into the carburetor oil quantity shortage and make the mixture thinned, leading to the carburetor tempering.
In order to avoid vehicles in use of carburetor tempering phenomenon, first in the vehicle before the use should check oil circuit was clear (generally can be continuous choke tubing pulled open the fuel switch, see gasoline is full of tubing continuous outflow); Check the carburetor air adjusting screw is adjustment appropriate; Check the ignition advance Angle conform to explain requirements; And in use not fierce turn throttle grip. General to the above points, can avoid carburetor happen tempering phenomenon. If there are still tempering phenomenon, can consider to use rise main injection needle height and float oil plane height method, make mixture thicken some, in order to prevent the carburetor tempering.

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