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Motorcycle’s power and torque introduction

Power and torque is the important parameters of engine in the company’s products catalog, indicated the various maximum engine power and torque. The first introduce torque.

Torque and that torque, it is to make the shaft rotary moment. In Japan, the torque of the commonly used unit is kg • m, international standard unit is N, m. In order to better understand the concept of torque, give some examples below. For example with torsion plate force tighten the screw, if the length of the NiuLi wrench for 1 m of words, in the torque wrench end plus 1 kg of force, the screw of the tightening torque for LKG • m. If the length of the torque wrench for 0.5 m of words, in order to get 1 kg • m torque, must exert 2 kg force. Vice versa, if the drive torque is same, the farther distance center of rotation of the position, the smaller the force created.
Torque the term used for various occasions, in the technical documents often can see such provisions, such as “the screw of the tightening torque should be * * kg • m”. On the motorcycle, often use torque to represent crankshaft drive torque size, crank shaft torque is the source of motorcycle driving force.
In all kinds of speed, the engine produces the torque are different. In the engine operation process, the engine output torque and engine of each parameters, such as inlet efficiency, combustion condition, exhaust efficiency, with gas phase, carburetor size, etc. And these parameters are mostly and engine speed related, so the engine torque and speed is a close relationship between. In the turning of the motorcycle, many skilled motorcycle rider, can make use of the body feel engine torque change, skillfully to accelerate and make motorcycle rear wheel properly skid, thus reduce motorcycle turning radius.
In the engine actual operation process, engine speed changes can cause torque changes accordingly, and to make the output torque value changes. Engine model is different, the engine torque and speed of mutual relations also each are not identical, general often button torque and speed relationship is called the engine torque characteristics.

– maximum torque

In the throttle is wide open, the engine can produce a maximum torque.
Of course, in car and motorcycle engine throttle is wide open, the engine is impossible to maintain a fixed speed. For example, in throttle open accelerated, engine speed will continue to rise. From the perspective, this is equivalent to a motorcycle driving from normal to accelerate overtaking, of course, at this time the engine operating condition for specific conditions and different, also not necessarily from the maximum torque speed begins to accelerate. In the motorcycle acceleration start, start accelerated speed will be more low.
Torque characteristic curve can be divided as follows two kinds, one kind is flat, a for steep type. If in a lot of speed range, the engine torque change is not big, the engine torque characteristic curve are relatively flat, maximum torque value is relatively low. If the engine maximum torque speed is higher, and the engine maximum power point speed more close, and the engine power speed range is narrow, speed once reduced, output power also subsequently and fell sharply, the engine torque characteristic curve is steep Juan. Of course, large displacement engine in various speed can get high torque, discharge the smaller the engine torque is smaller, and can only be in the inlet and exhaust efficiency highest speed conditions get maximum torque. In other words, small displacement engine torque the sex is sensitive, torque speed characteristic curve is steep. Compared with the car engine, motorcycle engine displacement is small, low speed torque partial small. In the small displacement conditions, in order to obtain greater horsepower, must improve the maximum torque speed, so motorcycle torque characteristic curve tend to be steep.
Despite of the motorcycle low speed torque is low, but as a result of motorcycle very light weight, so its acceleration performance most is very excellent. Of course, the throttle opening different engine torque is also different. In the speed of the same conditions, the throttle opening is bigger, the engine torque is bigger also. In fact, the throttle opening after the change, the engine torque and can’t immediately change, between the two there is always a gap, this time difference is bigger, show that the motorcycle throttle response the sex difference. And different car, motorcycle is a kind of interesting traffic tools, so to throttle response high sex requirement. If the throttle response sex is too low, more than people used to level, will feel motorcycle poor maneuverability. For the car, because this is the key to the outcome, so demand higher.
Looked from the structure that, crankshaft button moment can’t direct drive rear wheel, still must be through the gear reduction can drive rear wheel. If the reduction ratio of 2 words, so rear wheel get drive torque is corresponding doubled. About this part of content please refer to the relevant contents of the transmission.

– power

Power is one of the important parameters in engine. Many people may not know the word meaning, but in everyday life are often encounter this term. Power said the engine unit time power capability of size, i.e., the greater the power, the engine unit time do more work, and vice versa.
In the motorcycle driving process, drivers budge throttle lever, through the throttle pull control choke air throttle opening, so as to control the cylinder of the mixed gas and the result drive motorcycle forward torque changes. However, only torque a parameter to evaluate the performance of the engine is not enough. The reason is very simple, because the concept of torque belongs to the scope of the force, because torque make motorcycle tyre produce driving force, driving motorcycle forward, in motorcycle forward process, also can produce the following several terms, i.e., motorcycle moving distance, time, speed, etc.
On the surface, the torque of the unit and the physical book “work” the unit of the same, but they are two completely different concept, please be sure to be given more attention. For the linear motion of motorcycle speaking, its power and driving force, mobile distance and time are concerned, for rotary engine speaking, its power and torque and rotational speed about.
When 1 kg heavy objects lifted 1 m high, to the object the work done for 1 kg, lm. The concept of work and time has nothing to do, for example, whether by 1 SEC or 1 hour to do the above, both the work done is the same; For motorcycle speaking, if use a month on a ramp that doesn’t matter, what use torque a parameter can fully said the performance of motorcycle. actual

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