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Munich bauma CIFA launch a hybrid concrete mixer truck – energy-saving 30%

The 30th international construction machinery, building materials equipment and engineering vehicles exposition (Bauma 2013 Munich) in Munich, Germany exhibition centre, this exhibition area to the total reached 57 square meters booth area, including 16 pavilions interior display area of 18 square meters, the outdoor area of 39 square meters, a total of more than 3400 exhibitors from 57 countries will showcase their latest products, all of the data shows that this will be the one of the largest construction machinery on the planet.
In this exhibition, in addition to the international giants began producing gasoline-electric hybrid excavator, CIFA concrete equipment manufacturers from Italy has introduced a petrol-electric hybrid version of the concrete mixer truck, and claims that the aircraft over 30% of energy than conventional products.

The product model to Energya E9 series, consists of a set life up to 5 years of lithium battery modules to drive electric motor, and power.
Traditional concrete mixer truck is driven by hydraulic pressure, but the CIFA Energya series products, powered by battery powered electric motor, batteries can be recharged by generator or an external power source.
At the same time, the capacity of 9 m? Mixers are equipped with energy recovery system, the energy generated when the car body deceleration will be recycled for recharging.
Allegedly, because it has a very good environmental protection performance, there is less noise at work at the same time, so this product is very applicable to the densely populated urban areas, especially at night construction, it can be work under the condition of the vehicle engine off.



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