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New Holland 200 series slide loader – upgrade models is introduced

2011 New Holland introduced the latest 200 Series skid steer loaders, New Holland Construction 200 Series skid steer loader than the previous generation did more improved, providing more space, enhance visibility, spacious and comfortable cab. Recently New Holland 200 Series skid steer loaders for its products that do a number of upgrades, repair-guidebook.com today will want to introduce the New Holland skid steer loaders major changes several products.

New Holland 200 series slide loader


200 Series skid steer loader to upgrade the most important aspect is the addition of four emission engines, L218 and L220 in both models, New Holland, and the use of high pressure common rail diesel oxidation catalyst technology, these two models will be no DPF (diesel particulate filter). This means no more filter maintenance and replacement. Although this engine horsepower and 60 horsepower is the same as before, but the L218 than before, an increase of 7% of the torque; meanwhile L220 net peak horsepower increased by 12% and the maximum torque is improved by 21%.

New Holland 200 series slide loader - upgrade models is introduced


New Holland L213 skid steer loaders also upgraded, and the L215 skid steer loader upgraded to L216-a skid steer loader. And L218 and L220, these machines mechanical jet engine technology with PDF (diesel particulate filter). L213 skid steer loader’s engine displacement of 2.2L diesel, power from 46 horsepower to 49 horsepower, and torque improved by 9.6%. L216 lifting capacity increased to 1600 pounds, power increased by 8 horsepower. At the same time, L213 and L216 are matched with hydraulic quick-change devices.


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