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Nissan Forklift T-frame-TS Series SERVICE MANUAL

This service manual describes the service procedures for ATLET’s low lifters, pickers and stackers in the T truck series. Use the manual for quick and correct service of respective truck models. The manual describes models manufactured from November 1991. You may find contradictions in the manual compared to the models supplied due to optional designs, product development, and the like.

The Manual Covers:

General Information
Special Tools
Maintenance / Service
Body Frame / Chassis
Drive Line
Steering System
Hydraulic System
Lift Cylinder
Electrical System
Brake System and Speed Control

. File Format: PDF
. Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac
. Language: English,German and Spanish
. Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
. PDF File Size:37.4 MB
. Total pages:577
First 20% Sample:

Trouble shooting chart

Symptom Cause Action
Smell of burning Gear wheel breakdown Replace gear wheels in gearbox / renovate gearbox
Rattling noise / vibrations in the bottom part of the gearbox Gear wheel breakdown Replace gearbox
Traces of oil under truck Leaking drive shaft seal Replace seal
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