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Notes on the excavator engine maintenance and spare parts

Engine maintenance is very important, the engine is the power source for the entire device, only the engine is working properly, the performance of the entire device to be perfect, it’s worth.

Engine maintenance should be noted that:
First, the oil is to lubricate the primary role, in addition to cooling, cleaning, sealing, rust. With the operation of the entire system oil will heat generated by the engine through the oil cooler to the antifreeze switch to ensure stability of the engine at a suitable working temperature range. Oil will gradually deteriorate over time, because the temperature causes additive will gradually lapse after deterioration of the oil will lose its proper role, this time we need to replace the oil.
Two, then how long the oil changed once it is appropriate, each manufacturer’s requirements are different, say, in fact, used Komatsu excavator Cummins engine, Cummins provides an oil change every 250 hours required per 500 but Komatsu hours to replace one, maybe two manufacturers are using oil is quite different, in fact, oil change intervals are determined by the sulfur content of diesel fuel, diesel fuel sulfur content of 0.5% or more on the need to reduce oil change intervals, corresponding to oil labels should be replaced, but we really so professional testing can not do so in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers is quite tricky.

Third, replace what brand, what label it oil? – Here it is necessary to tell you is that the oil label is how points. Currently there are two kinds of used motor oil grade A grade is API (American Petroleum Institute American Petroleum Institute) standard – Assessment oil merits series, the first letter C indicates that diesel oil, S represents the gas oil, if two identities simultaneously it means universal diesel to gasoline engine oil. There is also an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers American Society of Automotive Engineers) standard – Assessment oil viscosity, such as common SAE 15W-40 W is Winter acronym that represents winter, W front lower the number the more low-temperature viscosity small, low-temperature flow properties better, easier car starter, the engine oil temperature, the lower the applicable minimum. W behind the larger the number, the oil at high temperatures (such as long-distance highway driving) thick, the better the resulting higher film strength, better protective effect. The oil for the highest temperature is higher.

Every moment of the oil manufacturers claim their devices are based on their particular circumstances add any additives to ensure longer engine life, but now many manufacturers are producing their own engines? Generally current conventional fuel injection engine with CE level or CF grade oil is no problem, you need to use EFI engine CF4 or CG4 grade oil. According to the ambient temperature of the device select the appropriate location of the oil is very important, all the manufacturers are generally used in a multi-grade engine oil, 15W-40 multi-grade engine oil belongs to its application temperature range -20-40 degrees Celsius.

Four, finished oil now talk about filters, oil filters better choose original parts, although these are also outside the mining OEM manufacturers, but at least if in the course of any problems you can find manufacturers claims (out of warranty period does not matter). Good machine filter can filter out abrasive generated within the system, iron and other impurities, the oil would be good to keep clean, so as not to cause the crankshaft, camshaft tiny oil passage is blocked. Filter machine interior is folded filter paper, folded in order to increase the filter area, the general machine will have the oil filter bypass valve base, its role is in the case of filter clogging machine can ensure that the entire system so that oil will not bypass in oil and lead to greater fault.

Five, engine maintenance and the other is a diesel filter, diesel filter must choose the regular manufacturers, regular production of filter pore size filter paper remained at 2-5 microns (thickness of a human hair is 70 microns), so the filter cartridge to ensure its accuracy, filtered diesel fuel in most of the impurities. As it relates to the life of the entire fuel injection system, low-grade diesel filter paper filter accuracy mainly the one occasion that we had a user to buy a door when he said this is what you break filter ah, fitted not take two days to the police, I bought a month on the outside are right, our parts manager smiled and said to him, filter plugging school pump it better than you. After a parts manager’s explanation, the user understand the truth and has been in use genuine filter, the original school may have a fuel pump half, then basically do not have school year. Usually pay attention to cleaning the air filter, air filter can generally use compressed air to purge, purge the required number to be replaced new. Recommended two brands of filter it, one is Flecker added, I believe that Cummins engines should know; one is Donaldson, Komatsu use is Donaldson branded goods. Domestic Baowang, plum, Bengbu filters are also okay.

Replacement, then you have nothing to say, put the oil to make the device when stopped at a level area, the best heat the oil when the car let go, time can be a little longer, try to make some of the old oil flow of clean, attention do not put on the ground, polluting the environment can be bad! Add oil drums must pay attention to the height and the cleanliness of the surroundings, try to avoid dust entering, filler can be used for shelter obstruction. Note that the oil level, the engine itself will consume oil, so when you try to add oil add scale some of the upper middle position. Installation machine filter, diesel filter when the do not pay attention to the absolute center of the filter facing inwards oiling, just cast a little oil on the apron and then hand-tighten it.

Finally, maintenance must be done after starting the engine run a few minutes to see if there are idle oil spills and other problems, but also check the fan, water pump belt tension, whether the interference of the connecting pipe, clamp is loose and other daily needs to do the inspection.

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