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Polaris Ranger 500 4×4 Engine TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE

Engine Turns Over But Fails to Start
• No fuel
• Dirt in fuel line or filter
• Fuel will not pass through fuel valve
• Fuel pump inoperative/restricted
• Tank vent plugged
• Engine flooded
• Low compression (high cylinder leakage)
• No spark (Spark plug fouled)
Engine Does Not Turn Over
• Dead battery
• Starter motor does not turn
• Engine seized, rusted, or mechanical failure
Engine Runs But Will Not Idle
• Low compression
• Crankcase breather restricted
Engine Idles But Will Not Rev Up
• Spark plug fouled/weak spark
• Broken throttle cable
• Obstruction in air intake
• Air box removed (reinstall all intake components)
• Reverse speed limiter limiting speed
• Incorrect ignition timing
• Restricted exhaust system
Engine Has Low Power
• Spark plug fouled
• Cylinder, piston, ring, or valve wear or damage (check compression)
• PVT not operating properly
• Restricted exhaust muffler
Piston Failure – Scoring
• Lack of lubrication
• Dirt entering engine through cracks in air filter or ducts
• Engine oil dirty or contaminated
Excessive Smoke and Carbon Buildup
• Excessive piston-to-cylinder clearance
• Wet sumping
• Worn rings, piston, or cylinder
• Worn valves, guides or seals
• Restricted breather
• Air filter dirty or contaminated
Low Compression
• Decompressor stuck
• Cylinder head gasket leak
• No valve clearance or incorrectly adjusted
• Cylinder or piston worn
• Piston rings worn, leaking, broken, or sticking
• Bent valve or stuck valve
• Valve spring broken or weak
• Valve not seating properly (bent or carbon accumulated on sealing surface)
• Rocker arm sticking

• Fouled spark plug or incorrect plug or plug gap
• Exhaust system air leaks
• Ignition system faulty:
Spark plug cap cracked/broken
Ignition coil faulty
Ignition or kill switch circuit faulty
Ignition timing incorrect
Sheared flywheel key
• Poor connections in ignition system
• System wiring wet
• Valve sticking
• Air leaks in intake
• Lean condition
Spark Plug Fouling
• Spark plug cap loose or faulty
• Incorrect spark plug heat range or gap
• PVT system calibrated incorrectly or components worn or mis-adjusted
• Fuel quality poor (old) or octane too high
• Low compression
• Restricted exhaust
• Restricted air filter (main or pre-cleaner)
• Improperly assembled air intake system
• Restricted engine breather system
• Oil contaminated with fuel
• Restricted oil tank vent
Cooling Troubleshooting
• Low coolant level
• Air in cooling system
• Wrong type of coolant
• Faulty pressure cap or system leaks
• Restricted system (mud or debris in radiator fins or restriction to air flow, passages blocked in radiator, lines, pump, or water jacket)
• Lean mixture (restricted jets, vents, or fuel pump)
• Fuel pump output weak
• Restricted radiator (internally or cooling fins)
• Water pump failure
• Cooling system restriction
• Cooling fan inoperative or turning too slowly
• Ignition timing misadjusted
• Low oil level
• Spark plug incorrect heat range
• Faulty hot light circuit
• Thermostat stuck closed or not opening completely
• Radiator is missing its internal diverter plate not  allowing coolant to flow through entire radiator Temperature Too Low
• Thermostat stuck open
Leak at Water Pump Weep Hole
• Faulty water pump mechanical seal (coolant leak)
• Faulty pump shaft oil seal (oil leak)

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