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Shock absorber of disassembly and maintenance

Shock absorber of disassembly and maintenance 1. Before the shock absorber remove steps

1) in engine fitted the wood or other forms of support, make the front wheel off the ground.

2) had the wheel of dismounting odometer flexible shaft and the former brake control wire, and then remove the cotter pin and wheel nut.

3) pull out front axle and remove the front wheel, and then unscrewing front mudguard and front fork bottom tube connection bolt, take off the fender.

4) respectively unscrewing the connecting plate and front fork pipe connection bolt, as well as the connecting plate side clamping front fork pipe bolt, and then pull out of left, right damper cylinder components.

5) screw her left, right damper cylinder component oil bolt, will be in the cylinder of the hydraulic oil exhaust net.

6) in turn had fork tubes take down set of cover, the guide sleeve, spring and spring seat.

7) with split ring clamp dismounting inside ring, and then pull out front fork tube, again ordinal dismounting oil seal, guide sleeve, annular ring and piston.

2. Of the shock absorber before inspection and replacement

1) check shock absorber spring is fracture, and measuring the length (free length shall be no less than 186.5 mm). About the length of the two root spring should be the basic equal, such as do not meet above requirement is should be replaced.

2) will front fork tube on V iron on measuring the radial runout quantity, its value shall not be greater than 0.4 mm, or need to change.

3) inspection front fork tube and front fork bottom cylinder face for any damage or abnormal wear, is the replacement.

4) inspection guide sleeve and front fork piston work face if there is a serious scratch or wear, if have, should be replaced.

5) check oil seal for damage deformation, is it change.

3. Before the assembly of shock absorber

In order to ensure traffic safety and comfortable, the former shock absorber must according to the following sequence assembly.

1) will stay assembly parts clean, and classified put away.

2) will front fork piston installed in front fork tube and pack good ring ring, and then in turn will guide sleeve, oil seal and inner block trap in the front fork on the tube.

3) will front fork tube into the bottom of the cylinder, and will guide sleeve and oil seal load in the cylinder with internal circlip positioning.

4) in the front fork tube in turn set on the spring seat, the guide sleeve, damping spring, guide sleeve and set of cover.

5) mount and screw down the drain plug, then in front fork pipe top screw hole injection 100 ~ 150 ml brand for HQ – 8 d hydraulic oil. Pay attention to front fork tube do not turn over, and or so damper cylinder of the hydraulic oil in oil should be equal.

6) will damper cylinder wear into the connecting plate hole until I couldn’t move so far, then a little tightening the connecting plate lateral clamping bolt, make the damper cylinder not decline.

7) two damper cylinder loading, in the cylinder bottom shelf a supporting content, force compression damping spring make front fork head into the pipe connected plate hole, and then loaded on the connecting plate and screw down the bolt, tightening torque is 25 ~ 35 n · m. To tighten the next connection plate lateral clamping bolt, tightening torque is 25 ~ 35 n · m.

8) in turn put forward mudguard, front wheel, odometer flexible shaft and the former brake control steel element. Installed the force to hold the direction of a few clicks, see shock absorber can freely up and down.

4. After the shock absorber disassembly and maintenance

After the removal of shock absorber by the following steps:

1) teams up motorcycle owners support, and then expanding after the shock absorber, the cap nut, take off the shock absorber.

2) will damping compressor (special tools) set in the damper cylinder, buffer spring compression to just can will lock nut and so far out.

3) torsional loose lock nut, and the dismantling of the joint components, and then loading shock absorber decomposition. Pay attention to damping components as a whole, can’t apart.

5. After the shock absorber inspection and replacement

1) check buffer spring is fracture or fatigue; Measuring the free length shall be no less than 210.5 mm. Or so on both sides of the spring length should be basically the same, such as do not meet above requirement, the need to change buffer spring.

2) check damper components for leaks, whether stem bending deformation, if have change damper components.

3) check other parts to see if there is any breakage or deformation, such as have also should be replaced.

6. After the assembly of shock absorber

1) after the shock absorber for assembly, pay attention to spring installation direction: spring wire tight end downward.

2) the damping compressor set is on the damper cylinder and buffer spring compression to damper component stem thread completely show so far. Then in the stem threads coated with glue. Note room not too compression spring, lest make spring fatigue can’t reset.

3) in the damper component stem thread position locking nut, and then screw up and down joint module, make the upper and lower component joint hole center distance of 340.7 ± 2 mm. Then tighten nut, tightening torque of 15 ~ 25 n · m. Note: the left and right sides damper cylinder fluctuation joint hole center distance difference shall not be greater than 2 mm.

4) removed damping compressor, left, right damper cylinder loading to frame, then put on and tightening, arising from the lower pole of the cap nut, tightening torque for 20-30 n · m. Note: the upper and lower joint on both sides should install flat gasket.

Damper installed, make the rear wheel touchdown, will be to cushion a few clicks, see whether shock absorber and activities freely.

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