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Slide loader in a variety of functions on the construction site use

In construction machinery industry, the slide loader model with flexible, there are many different kinds of accessories are more and more attention.

In the narrow space loading
In many construction sites in the small corner, loading time for ordinary large loader into not to go, can’t even go in the head, so I had to please workers to use shovels out first, then carted away, but with the slide loader, because its size is very small, will turn direct rotary inside, easy loading.

Construction site backfill in the basement
Basement backfill in domestic at present mainly is to use small loader or dig for backfill, but because of height limitations, so the efficiency is very low, also is not very convenient.
Slide loader because only more than one meter to two meters in height, and can be in situ turn 360 degrees, so than the average loaders and small digging efficiency is high.

Leveling site
We leveling site more at ordinary times is to use small digging, but little dig itself is because his way of moving track, and the normal with the forearm and the bucket with mobile, so slowly. If the slide loader to leveling, will greatly improve efficiency.

Crushing operation
At ordinary times in the broken ground or concrete block construction site, generally with a small dig, but in a pipe and broken hammer if no quick change is slow. Slide loader with a hammer broken, principle and small digging, it can add their weight on the broken hammer, so broken higher efficiency than the dig.
And slide loader accessories replacement fast, basically 2 minutes can fix.

Fork loader (forklift functions)
Occasionally there will be some handling at the construction site work, especially a tray of the material handling, construction site less forklift, artificial and too slow, not safe, at this time the slide loader bucket with pallet fork, turns into a forklift directly.

Clean up waste work (grab)
Site has a lot of scrap iron wire, waste, clean, very troublesome, loaders, excavators is no such function, only human, but human efficiency is low. This time, the slide loader bucket with grab, can directly to clean up waste.



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