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Some common causes of damage to the gear pump

A. Abrasion due to dirty oil.

Dirty oil is the most common cause induced damaged gear pump that its expression is the power and speed of working hydraulic system is weakened & slow down. Dirty oil caused damage in all the details of gear pumps, especially in silver number 8, pump chamber, the silver-bearing, shaft and neck tooth surface.

The dirt particles can be in available in barrels or go into the system while working as felt through the shaft (worn / damaged) when pump operating in dusty environments.

B. Abrasive metal particles by:

The metal particles in the oil often because of the details and have damaged the system without rinsing off. Damage caused by metal particles often make quick pump damaged depending on the number and size of metal particles available in the hydraulic system. Damaged due to this cause is generally perceived by a lot of deep scratch marks mongoose spin on the surface of the silver number 8. If pump active or not detected immediately stop damage to the silver surface 8 will scratch plow is fully assembled and identity.

For antique silver shaft & working surface of the shaft: Often there will be manyscratches on the work surface, depends on:
– The degree of contamination of the hydraulic system.
– Working pressure.
– Working load on the pump shaft, the most common influence on multistage pump,there will be many more stories damaged by the axial load on the different levels, depending on the thickness of the tooth.
For the next couple of gears surface mesh (also known as the first side): Will be plowed into the coronary scratch undulating, not flat soiled by the metal particle abrasion (available in the system and caused by a silver platter 8 abraded before).

C. Failure by the assembly:
Fitting and pump assembly into the system incorrectly can cause a lot of different types of damage. The most common case is mounted too close to the pump shaft motor shaft and / or coupling. Then the pump shaft will be a bigger payload, direct impact on silver is silver disk 8 (bottom) causing damage.

Not properly reassemble the details of the pump after removing the test is also a major cause of damage. The installation or incorrect details are:
– Erection of 8 or silver reverse pumping chamber (inlet / push).
– The seal and gasket sealing rim incorrect.
– Resources are not tightening bolts.

D Damage caused by oil and gas inside or by erosion:
Causing erosion destroyed the work surface of the pumping chamber (inlet), pair of silver gears and 8 (the lubrication grooves).

E, Damage caused by lack of lubrication:

Lubricating oils needed to maintain a hydrodynamic pressure between silver and neck shaft axis. When this membrane is not maintained oil pump shaft will cause heat and fire damage.

The loss of lubrication occurs when:
– Lack or pump oil level is the reverse in a period of time.
– No gas and oil inside the pump suction.
Typically silver shaft will be damaged before then will destroy the pump chamber (inlet side) due to the gear pair is forced to the surface and the silver coffee 8.

F,Damage caused by overheating:

Heat pump operation causes the sunspots on the surface next to the gear pair and silver number 8 at the same time fire / hard gasket sealing rings.

G,Damage caused by high pressure:

Usually there are two causes of overpressure phenomenon:
– No pressure or valve open when it’s not necessary to protect the value or
– Pressure Valve set too high

The prevalent defects will be:
– Pump shaft or the gear broken, chipped.
– Pump casing is cracked / broken.



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