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Spark plug removal of common faults

Spark plug common failure exclude spark plug common fault mainly ablation, heat, carbon deposit, it can directly influence the engine work, causes the engine work is not stable. Horsepower down, start difficult, etc. Spark plug electrode in a relatively short time is serious ablation, should check the spark plug calorific value whether choose must conform to the specified requirements, signing Jo value on the low side must be replaced calorific value higher spark plug. Cause spark plug overheating and ablation causes and at the same time must be excluded, and often clear spark plug on the carbon deposit. Spark plug overheating is refers to the spark plug work temperature is too high, make the spark plug electrode has a slight ablation phenomenon, electrode is white around. It will cause the engine working instability and power down. Cause spark plug overheating reason is that ignition advance Angle partial early and combustible mixture after dilute and spark plug itself choose low calorific value. At this time, should be adjusted carburetor or ignition time and choose higher calorific value of the spark plug. Spark plug carbon deposit refers to the spark plug electrodes in not long working hours appeared more black to black or the deposit, serious and even will spark plug bipolar connection and short circuit, make the engine will not work. Its main by combustible mixture too thick and choose the calorific value of the spark plug caused by too high. Therefore, we should adjust carburetor and convert calorific value lower spark plug, and appropriately increase of the gap between the poles

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