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Stihl 041,041 av construction and operation of breaker controlled ignition system pdf manual

Ignition system Stihl  041,041 av Online documentation, and other related equipment if you have any questions, please refer to the Stihl 041 041AV 041FB 042AV Chain Saws repair  manual pdf download.

Stihl 041,041 av construction and operation of breaker controlled ignition system

1.spark plug 2.edge gap 3.ignitiion stop switch 4.Armature 5.breaker points 6.condenser
7.Air gap N.North pole S.south pole

Like all chain saws,the stihl 041,041 av are equipped with a magneto ignition system which requires neither a battery or a dynamo.The ignition system consists basically of a rotating element (flywheel with permanent magnets and pole shoes) and the fixed element (armature plate with contact set,condenser,ignition armature).as well as the high-tension lead and ignition stoop switch.
The flywheel magneto ignition system operates on the basis of magnetic induction.An electric currents is generated in a conductor which is moved through the flux lines of a magnetic field.As the flywheel rotates,the flux lines flowing between the permanent magnets,from North pole to South pole,cut through the primary windings of the armature and thus induce a low-tension current,when the contact breaker is closed,an induced current flows in the primary winding of the armature which is interrupted at maximum voltage by the contact breaker opening at the point of ignition.This causes the direction of the magnetic flux in the armature to change direction at that instant and induce a high-tension pulse in the secondary winding which produces the sparkover at the spark plug electrode.

The condenser,wired in parallel with the contact breaker mechanism,prevents excessive sparking(arcing) between the points when the contact breaker opens and therefore loss of energy and premature wear,The ignition stop switch,which is also wired in parallel with the contact breaker mechanism,short circuits the primary winding of the armature when it is operated,higt-tension current can no longer be produced and the engine stops.The contact breaker points are opened by the cam ground on the hub of the flywheel and closed by spring action.







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