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STIHL chainsaw Ignition System Troubleshooting

STIHL chainsaw Ignition System Troubleshooting guide

Engine does not run

Check the spark plug:– Smeared with oil, black?
– Sooted?
– Electrode gap correct?
– Contacts shorted?
Clean the plug, reset or replace

Check spark plug boot: – Firmly seated on plug (leg spring)?
– Leg spring hook in center of ignition lead?

– Boot damaged?

If necessary, install new spark plug boot and/or leg spring.

Test ignition system with ZAT 3 or ZAT 4 (use ZAT 3 as main spark gap – see TI 32.94)

Powerful spark?

YES-> GO TO (4)

NO–>Check air gap and reset if necessary

Check flywheel: Pole shoes have turned blue? Install new flywheel

Disconnect short circuit wire from ignition module

Check ignition lead: – Severe chafing? – Spark plug boot: Holes/cracks? Resistance: spark plug boot to ground: spec. 1.5 – 12 kΩ – Check resistance of ignition lead: spec. < 10 Ω, If necessary, install new spark plug boot and/or ignition lead.

Check operation of setting lever – Short circuit wire chafed? – Contact gap (contact springs) If necessary, install new ignition lead and/or contact springs Re-connect short circuit wire


(4) NO>Install new ignition module

Engine runs

YES> Check “I“/“O“ function on setting lever or separate stop switch.

NO> Look for fault in fuel system or carburetor, check engine for leaks, check position of flywheel on crankshaft.

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