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stihl Brush cutter MS 261, MS 261 C service manual and MS 270 MS 270 C MS 280 MS 280 C Spare Parts List manual

stihl Brush cutter MS 261, MS 261 C service manual and MS 270 MS 270 C MS 280 MS 280 C Spare Parts List manual

Stihl MS 261 MS 270 MS 270 C MS 280 MS 280 C Brushcutters & Parts Workshop Service Repair Manual

This Stihl MS 261, MS 261 C service manual contains detailed descriptions of all the repair and servicing procedures specific to this power tool. You should make use of the illustrated parts lists while carrying out repair work. They show the installed positions of the individual components and assemblies. Refer to the latest edition of the relevant parts list to check the part numbers of any replacement parts. A fault on the machine may have several causes. To help locate the fault, consult the troubleshooting charts for all assemblies and systems in this manual and the “STIHL Service Training System”. Refer to the “Technical Information” bulletins for engineering changes which have been introduced since publication of this service manual. Technical information bulletins also supplement the parts list until a revised edition is issued. The special tools mentioned in the descriptions are listed in the chapter on “Special Servicing Tools” in this manual. Use the part numbers to identify the tools in the “STIHL Special Tools” manual. The manual lists all special servicing tools currently available from STIHL.

MS261 Service Manual

This Service Repair Manual Covers: 

Contents G2.767265
1. Introduction and Safety Precautions G3.55932
1.1 Introduction G3.55938
1.2 Safety Precautions G3.56077
2. Specifications G4.504549
2.1 Engine G4.504554
2.2 Fuel System G4.504203
2.3 Ignition System G4.504277
2.4 Chain Lubrication G4.504351
2.5 Tightening Torques G5.958419
3. Troubleshooting G6.65467
3.1 Clutch G6.65472
3.2 Chain Drive, Chain Brake, Chain Tensioner G7.281780
3.3 Chain Lubrication G8.838044
3.4 Rewind Starter G9.92295
3.5 Ignition System G10.281017
3.6 Carburetor G11.171173
3.7 Engine G12.850811
4. Clutch G13.624995
4.1 Clutch Drum G13.625177
5. Chain Brake G13.625233
5.1 Checking Operation G13.625241
5.2 Brake Band G13.625295
5.3 Brake Lever G13.625502
5.4 Brake lever on machines with QuickStop Super G13.625747
5.4.1 Adjusting the brake cable G13.626016
5.4.2 Brake cable G13.626199
5.5 Cam Lever G13.626413
5.6 Pins G13.626542
5.7 Chain Tensioner G13.626686
5.7.1 Quick chain tensioner G13.626781
5.8 Bar Mounting Studs G13.626842
5.9 Collar Nuts for Sprocket Cover G13.626936
6. Engine G13.627018
6.1 Muffler G13.627026
6.2 Leakage Test G13.627191
6.2.1 Preparations G13.627217
6.2.2 Vacuum Test G13.627326
6.2.3 Pressure Test G13.627385
6.3 Oil Seals G13.627460
6.4 Shroud G13.627722
6.5 Cylinder G13.627773
6.6 Crankshaft G13.628108
6.6.1 Bearings / Crankcase G13.628709
6.7 Piston G13.628935
6.8 Piston Rings G13.629156
6.9 Decompression Valve G13.629225
7. Ignition System G13.629273
7.1 Ignition Timing G13.629310
7.2 Preseparator G13.629326
7.3 Install new ignition Module G13.629359
7.4 Testing the Ignition Module G13.629649
7.5 Spark Plug Boot / Ignition Lead G13.629776
7.6 Flywheel G13.629925
7.7 Short Circuit Wire G13.630061
7.7.1 Testing G13.630073
7.7.2 Removing and Installing G13.630148
7.7.3 Ground Wire G13.630560
7.7.4 Contact Spring G13.630584
7.8 Ignition System Troubleshooting G14.125606
8. Rewind Starter G15.105753
8.1 General G15.105757
8.2 Fan housing G15.105805
8.3 Pawls G15.105887
8.4 ErgoStart G15.106046
8.5 Rope Rotor G15.106190
8.6 Starter Rope / Grip G15.106353
8.7 Tensioning the Rewind Spring G15.106571
8.8 Replacing the Rewind Spring G15.106659
9. Servicing the AV System G15.106907
9.1 Buffer on Oil Tank G15.106923
9.2 AV Spring on Oil Tank G15.106981
9.2.1 AV Spring on Oil Tank – Machines with Heating G15.107043
9.3 AV Spring on Fuel Tank G15.107116
9.4 AV Spring on Handlebar G15.107215
9.4.1 Models with Heating G15.107346
9.5 Stop Buffer at Clutch Side G15.107441
9.5.1 Stop Buffer at Ignition Side G15.107499
9.5.2 Buffers on Filter Base G15.107576
9.6 Handlebar G15.107677
9.6.1 Handlebar with Heating G15.107826
10. Control Levers G15.108275
10.1 Master Control Lever G15.108281
10.1.1 Removing and Installing G15.108296
10.2 Throttle Trigger/Lockout Lever G15.108402
10.3 Throttle Trigger/Lockout Lever – QuickStop Super G15.108574
10.3.1 Switch Lever – QuickStop Super G15.108715
10.3.2 Lockout Lever – QuickStop Super G15.108793
10.3.3 Choke Rod G15.108892
10.3.4 Throttle Rod G15.108978
11. Chain Lubrication G15.109187
11.1 Pickup Body G15.109193
11.2 Oil Suction Hose G15.109252
11.3 Oil Pump G15.109361
11.4 Valve G15.109512
12. Fuel System G15.109578
12.1 Air Filter G15.109584
12.2 Baffle G15.109633
12.3 Filter Base G15.109670
12.4 Air Guide Shrouds G15.109888
12.4.1 Air Guide Shrouds – Models with Manual Fuel Pump G15.110096
12.4.2 Air Guide Shrouds – Models with Heating G15.110432
12.5 Carburetor G15.110953
12.5.1 Leakage Test G15.111257
12.6 Servicing the Carburetor G15.111376
12.6.1 Metering Diaphragm G15.111382
12.6.2 Inlet Needle G15.111493
12.6.3 Pump Diaphragm G15.111601
12.6.4 Levers on Throttle Shaft G15.111797
12.6.5 Adjusting Screws G15.111872
12.7 Adjusting the Carburetor G15.112075
12.7.1 Basic Setting G15.112079
12.7.2 Standard setting G15.112232
12.8 Carburetor Carrier G15.112393
12.9 Intake Manifold G15.112562
12.10 Tank Vent G15.112715
12.10.1 Testing G15.112719
12.10.2 Removing and Installing G15.112837
12.11 Fuel Intake G15.112902
12.11.1 Pickup Body G15.112906
12.11.2 Fuel Hose G15.112991
12.11.3 Fuel Hose – Models with Manual Fuel Pump G15.113158
12.11.4 Manual Fuel Pump G15.113468
12.11.5 Tank Housing G15.113563
13. Heating System G15.113709
13.1 Carburetor Heating G15.113715
13.1.1 Testing the Complete System G15.113737
13.1.2 Testing the Heating Element G15.113792
13.1.3 Thermostatic Switch G15.113887
13.2 Carburetor Heating System Troubleshooting Chart G16.255435
13.3 Handle Heating System G17.617446
13.3.1 Troubleshooting G17.617450
13.4 Heater Switch G17.617596
13.5 Heating Element in Rear Handle G17.617761
13.6 Heating Element in Handlebar G17.617902
13.7 Generator G17.617989
13.7.1 Handle Heating and Generator Troubleshooting Chart G18.154384
13.7.2 Test Connections and Test Values G19.948743
13.8 Wiring Harness G20.608660
14. Special Servicing Tools G21.348290
15. Servicing Aids G22.170350
MS261 – 1141 152
MS270 – 1133 184
MS270C – 1133 222
MS280 – 1133 260
MS280C – 1133 298

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