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STIHL Series 4144 Components FC, FS, KM Service Repair manual

STIHL Series 4144 Components FC, FS, KM Service Repair manual

STIHL Series 4144 Components  FS 40, FS 50, FS 56 FC 56 KM 56 Service Repair manual pdf download 2008-02

Introduction: This service manual contains detailed descriptions of all the repair and servicing procedures specific to this power tool. You should make use of the illustrated parts lists while carrying out repair work. They show the installed positions of the individual components and assemblies. Refer to the latest edition of the relevant parts list to check the part numbers of any replacement parts.


A fault on the machine may have several causes. To help locate the fault, consult the troubleshooting charts for all assemblies and
systems in this manual and the “STIHL Service Training System”.Refer to the “Technical Information” bulletins for engineering changes which have been introduced since publication of this service manual. Technical information bulletins also supplement the parts list until a revised edition is issued.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Clutch, Chain Drive, Chain Brake And Chain Tensioner
  • Engine
  • Ignition System
  • Rewind Starter
  • AV Handle System
  • Master Control / Handle System
  • Chain Lubrication
  • Fuel System
  • Special Servicing Tools And Aids

Clutch Troubleshooting

  1. Condition: Cutting attachment stops under  load at full throttle
  2. Cause: Clutch shoes badly worn or Clutch drum badly worn
  3. Remedy: Install new clutch or Install new clutch drum
  1. Condition: Cutting attachment runs at idle speed
  2. Cause: Engine idle speed too high or Clutch springs stretched or fatigued or Clutch spring hooks broken
  3. Remedy:  Readjust idle speed screw LA or Replace the clutch springs or install new clutch or Replace the clutch springs
  1. Condition: Loud noises
  2. Cause:  Clutch springs stretched or fatigued or Clutch shoe retainer broken or  Clutch shoes and carrier worn
  3. Remedy:  Replace all clutch springs  or Install new clutch or Install new clutch

Engine Troubleshooting

Always check and, if necessary, repair the following parts before looking for faults on the engine:

  • - Air filter
  • - Fuel system
  • - Carburetor
  • - Ignition system
  1. Condition: Engine does not start easily, stalls at idle speed,
  2. Cause:  Oil seals in crankcase damaged or Crankcase leaking or damaged (cracks)
  3. Remedy:  Replace the oil seals or Seal or replace the crankcase
  1. Condition: Engine does not deliver full power or runs erratically
  2. Cause:  Piston ring worn or broken or Muffler / spark arresting screen carbonized or  Air filter dirty or Fuel hose kinked or torn
  3. Remedy:  Fit new piston ring or Clean the muffler (inlet and exhaust), replace spark arresting screen, replace muffler if necessary or Replace air filter or Fit new hose or position it free from kink
  1. Condition: Engine overheating
  2. Cause: Insufficient cylinder cooling. Air inlets blocked or cooling fins on cylinder very dirty
  3. Remedy:  Thoroughly clean all cooling air openings and the cylinder fins


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