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SUZUKI DR200SE Service Repair Manual PDF V/W/X/Y/K1/K2/K3 K4/K5 K6 K7 /K8 K9

This manual contains an introductory description on SUZUKI DR200SE and procedures for its inspection/ service and overhaul of its main components. Other information considered as generally known is not included. Read GENERAL INFORMATION section to familiarize yourself with outline of the vehicle and MAINTENANCE and other sections to use as a guide for proper inspection and service. This manual will help you know the vehicle better so that you can assure your customers of your optimum and quick service.


  • DR200SEV/W/X/Y/K1/K2/K3(’97,’98,’99,’00,’01,’02,’03-MODELS)
  • DR200SEK4/K5 (’04, ’05-MODELS)
  • DR200SEK6 (’06-MODEL)
  • DR200SEK7 /K8 (’07 &”08 -MODEL)
  • D1R3200SEK9 (’09-MODEL)

All street-legal Suzuki motorcycles with engine displacement of 50 cc or greater are subject to Environmental Protection agency emission regulations. These regulations set specific standards for exhaust emission output levels as well as particular servicing requirements. This manual includes specific information required to properly inspect and service DR200SE in accordance with all EPA regulations. It is strongly recommended that the chapter on Emission Control, Periodic Servicing and Carburetion be thoroughly reviewed before any type of service work is performed. Further information concerning the EPA emission regulations and U.S. Suzuki’s emission control program can be found in the U.S. SUZUKI EMISSION CONTROL PROGRAM MANUAL/SERVICE BULLETIN. GROUP INDEX 1 2 3 4 5 GENERAL INFORMATION 6 7 EMISSION CONTROL 8 INFORMATION

Suzuki DR200SE


The manual covers:

General Information

  • warning/caution/note
  • suzuki dr200set
  • serial umber location
  • fuel and oil recommendations
  • break-in procedures

Periodic Maintenance

  • lubrication points
  • exhaust pipe nuts
  • air cleaner
  • valve clearance
  • fuel line
  • clutch
  • engine oil and iol filter
  • drive chain
  • brake
  • tire
  • steering
  • front fork
  • rear suspension
  • compression pressure check
  • oil pressure check


  • engine removal and reinstallation
  • engine disassembly
  • engine components inspection and service
  • engine reassembly

Fuel and Lubrication System
Servicing Information
Emission Control Information

  • File Format: PDF
  • Pages:261
  • Printable:Yes
  • Languages:English



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