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Griot’s Garage Ultimate Interior Care Kit 11309

Griot’s Garage combined their interior products to provide you with a complete interior cleaning and detailing system. With this interior kit you will be able to easily clean ground-in dirt on vinyl, cloth and leather. Remove dust and smudges from your dash and other interior parts and have perfectly clean, haze-free glass. Use one of the 2 green interior microfiber cloths to clean the seats and dash with the 35 ounce bottle of interior cleaner. Use the other cloth with the 8 ounce Leather Care Spray to condition your leather seats and trim. Protect your dash and other trim with 8 ounce vinyl and rubber dressing and blue detail sponge. Use the window cleaner with the microfiber window cloths to protect your glass. The kit also includes 2 reusable ‘finest sprayers’. Washable, microfiber cloths grab dirt and grease and are reusable.