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3cfm 1/4hp Refrigerant Electric Rotary Vacuum Pump…

During your HVAC jobs, before the recharging, you will need a Vacuum Pump which is fast and thorough to assure you of complete dehydration. Here we offer you just the vacuum pump which meets your requirements of saving time and trouble-free operation. It can also be applied to vacuum packing, printing machinery, hot-forming plastic etc.
Manual shut off valve to prevent the oils in the vacuum pump backflow into the refrigerant tool
3 CFM Single-Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
High Efficiency and Low Noise
Heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy Casing
Direct Drive Motor Allowing Easy Starting and is Maintenance Free
Oil Sight Glass For Monitoring Oil Levels
With Oil Drain Plug Positioned at Bottom of Oil Reservoir
Internal High Volume Cooling Fan For Extended Use
Exhaust Port with Exhaust Cap
ON/OFF Switch
Non Slip Cushion Handle
Comes with a Bottle of Vacuum Oil as FREE GIFT
Applications include:
Air Conditioning (including automotive applications)
Printing Machinery
Vacuum Packing
Gas-analysis and Hot-forming plastic
Jewellery Making/gluing Jobs etc.
Voltage /Frequency(110V/60HZ)
Flow Rate(3CFM (84L/MIN))
Ultimate Vacuum(5 Pa (0.05mbar))
RPM(1400 RPM)
Inlet Port(1/4″ Flare & 3/8″ Flare)
Oil Capacity(300 ml)
Overall dimension(10 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 8 1/2″)
Package Included:
1 x Vacuum Pump
1 x Bottle of 300ml Vacuum Oil
1 x English User’s Manual