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Talk about the U.S. construction machinery users status quo

Ritchie Bros. Orlando auction held last month, I see a lot of auction, also come into contact with the agents and users of construction machinery, let us now take a look at the user status quo.

User type of construction machinery in the United States is divided into four main categories:
First, the largest construction machinery users, of course, all types of contractors, the relatively large size of California, Bechtel, Fluor, Texas, Nebraska, Kiewit New York Turner, the top 400 contractors the total year contract of up to nearly $ 300 billion.

Followed by the independent leasing companies, such as: United Rental, Sunbelt, Hertz, etc., is well developed in the leasing industry in the United States, can rent almost anything, so the scale of these construction machinery rental company can also be great.

The third category is the dealer’s rental business of construction machinery, such as the Cat Dealer Store, Volvo Rental and other.


The fourth category is the family company, they resemble small contractors, but a regional focus on particular segments of family business, construction for a specific local conditions, such as specialized garden construction, road sweeping,swimming pool construction, and so on, these users are the largest buyers of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. The many users generations are engaged in this kind of work, for example, the Bobcats many users do similar business.

From the point of view of the operating conditions of the equipment, the U.S. construction machinery users operating specification, all projects need to sign a contract and pay taxes.U.S. construction machinery users do not need to spend too much effort to collect the debt.

In the purchase and maintenance of equipment, users in the United States to purchase equipment from the agent, can also be used to finance lease, the vast majority of users will continue to use agents and maintenance and accessories (ie original authenticpieces).

Equipment used for some time and need to sell, which the user is usually the sale of equipment in the following ways: introduce buyers through acquaintances or peers, sold through an intermediary device (part of a fairly small proportion), or by the form of the auctionThe sale of used equipment.

In addition to the user, the engineering machinery agents in the United States how to Ring Power, Carter agents in the northern and central parts of Florida, for example, the company’s new machine, phone, service and spare parts business to total business proportionwere 20%, 20% and 60%. And charge a service fee that time charge for workers, but also agents profit one of the sources in the service process.In fact, Ring Power Acting Regional central and northern Florida, dealer profit margins high.

Seen by more than brief, the U.S. construction machinery users, such as basic small individual users in the community work. General construction works by the regular contractor, has a sound management system and quality control system. Device Manager will choose to buy or lease the right equipment for the construction, use and maintenance are regular place according to the actual situation of the project, according to the actual situation at the end of the project to dispose of surplus equipment.Well, this is my own understanding of some situations, Thank you for reading

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