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Teach you how to buy second-hand loaders

Used construction machinery prices much cheaper than new machines, some work few hours, the overall shape of a good used forklifts for many beginning to join the novice and not a lot of money is a very good choice, but to buy second-hand loader requires skill, calling to spend money on a lump of scrap metal back. How it used loaders election?
First, observe the frame
This is very important. Machine chassis, if buy refurbishment and maintenance would not be taken back after the election, when from several aspects:

(1) Look
First, to carefully observe the frame for cracks, open welding, deformation, mainly hinged at the site include, frame welding department.
(2) touch
See where the wrong time, be sure to hand to feel the next, sometimes when sanding repair is cracking, eyes alone may not be able to see it, but I’ll hand touch feel.
(3) test machine
Engine, a throttle to maximum, lifting the bucket, straight flat road race, the brakes, to determine whether there is a rocky ledge at the hinge pin, beating. Beating the powerful, it is possible that this car had vigorously (runout how to feel, to feel you can make a comparison of the new machine, be aware of).

Second, the engine, transmission and drive axle

How to identify the machine has no strength to it? The easiest one way: hang a file, foot pedal to the metal, a foot brake, if the car is strong, the car if you can walk, it indicates that this car forklift very powerful, but slow (does not mean that the brakes not working ); If you step on it, the car does not move, there may be boring. Start time, let the machine idle for some time, to observe the engine exhaust case, listen to the engine operating conditions (but this is based on experience, the novice is not recommended). Check the engine’s waste port (exhaust), Maoyou, then we should be careful; while checking the air filter is recommended to remove the junction point of view, if there is a lot of fly ash into the trachea, some words must be cautious.

Thirdly, the hydraulic system

This is not good identification, we can only test machine up. To see whether running smoothly, do a single action, to see whether the engine flameout (idle), whether the connection pipeline spill fuel door. There Inspect hose, hose life of only 2-3 years in general will crack if the machine hose on the surface are covered with cracks, especially under-cab (that place the sun for long periods of wind and rain ) should watch out.
Through these basic means of identification, one can roughly determine whether loader coupler good, but in the actual purchase two cell phone, there will be many uncertainties. Recommended to find an experienced operator with the purchase and shop around.

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