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What is the principle excavator GPS monitoring system ? What is the function?

Excavator mounted GPS monitoring system, CAN bus master controller is connected via the excavator, the excavator can effectively monitor, and provide better technical services for excavators. This article describes how to monitor the principle of excavator GPS monitoring system and various functions.

GPS Monitoring System Principles

GPS Monitoring System Principles


1. Monitoring Principle

GPS monitoring system consists of monitoring center platform, Wi-Fi, GPS receiver onboard terminal three parts, as shown in Fig. GPS monitoring system is a GPS satellite positioning technology, GIS geographic information technology (electronic map), Internet technology for the integrated management system integration. GPS onboard terminal positioning satellite receiver to receive positioning data to calculate the excavator longitude, latitude, speed, direction, the coordinate data by the communication module GPS receiver onboard terminal within the wireless network, and transmitted to the monitoring center platform stored in the server database, the monitoring center platform by matching the GIS electronic map, you can achieve excavator position tracking and display, you can obtain real-time location information excavator. GPS receivers onboard terminal and excavator controller with CAN bus connection, communication master server by setting time intervals (adjustable) sends information to the GPS receiver onboard terminal. Airborne cameras can also be real-time to the GPS receiver onboard terminal transfer the construction site to send information as needed. These signals are transmitted through a wireless network to the monitoring center platform, where excavators will send alarm information and other data to the monitoring center server and stored in the database. GIS digital map information through processing and monitoring of moving targets on the terminal match, and clearly on the map and visualize the real-time location excavators, but also on mobile track excavator query, so as to achieve the excavator position monitoring.

In addition, if the excavator did not work in the designated area, alarm message will appear on the monitoring center platform, there will be the same warning message to alert the user to monitor the excavator.

2. Monitoring Function

(1) Alarm

Monitoring center platform can be controlled through a wireless network issued an instruction to the terminal to the GPS receiver onboard, when the excavator in an emergency situation, can the receiver terminal by car, using the form to the excavator voice alarm. In addition, if there is no excavator in the designated area, it will appear on the alarm monitoring center platform Excavator display will also appear on the same alarm to alert the user.

(2) locking

After the excavator installed GPS terminal module using the positioning function by monitoring center platform control and management of the excavator, if the user excavator payment arrears, debt management through the monitoring center platform can lower the excavator to send the appropriate lock machine instructions, be locking handle. Lock machine is divided into three levels, graded locking of the actual situation, level locking is to limit the maximum engine speed, the engine is running at only a slightly lower speed, two locking is to allow the engine to idle. If a malicious arrears will be three lock machine treatment, excavators allowed to start at this time, in order to provide security for the creditor or credit company.

(3) Tamper

If the user deliberately dismantled GPS terminal module or GPS antenna, due to tamper function, the system will be passive locking. Although it can start at this excavator, but can only run at idle, locking all information will be displayed on the vehicle display to alert the user. If the GPS monitoring system is considered destroyed, the electronic control system will automatically lock machine, the output port of all the controllers fails, the excavator can not start properly run, while an alarm message, uploaded to the monitoring center.

(4) condition monitoring

PS monitoring system can always find tracking information through the Search excavator operation monitoring center platform, the total time of operation of the machine, the same day number of hours worked, main pump pressure, engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, hydraulic oil temperature and other parameters, and may at any time . If the network signal is not good, the electronic control system will save the GPS black box function down, continue to send other signals after recovery, to ensure that data is not lost. The monitoring center can always monitor the fault condition excavator at any time notify service personnel to carry out maintenance to extend the life of the excavator, ensure the safe use of excavators, reduce downtime, reduce production use and maintenance costs for users to create more economic benefits.

GPS Monitoring System for real-time remote monitoring and management excavators, help management, sales and service, unified data sharing, making management more efficient.

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