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The worse performance of diesel engine cold start and some improving measures

The worse performance of diesel engine cold start
Mixture low temperature at the end of the diesel engine cylinder compression due to poor diesel oil viscosity big, evaporation and combustion temperature is low, especially when the outside temperature is low, the diesel engine of fresh air in the suction cylinder temperature is low, cylinder wall, low temperature, on the top of the cylinder head, piston compression at the end of the combustion chamber temperature is low, coupled with diesel engine startup of low speed and large air leakage, high pressure in the cylinder is also low, the temperature of the compressed air and fuel mixture when the end of the short of spontaneous combustion temperature, causing diesel engine especially no installation start preheating device of the diesel engine is difficult to start.
Crankshaft torque big as the environmental temperature is reduced, the diesel engine oil viscosity, liquidity, increased the rotation of the crank shaft resistance, decreased startup performance.
Diesel atomization quality is poor due to the low temperature in cylinder, fuel injector of diesel volatile, atomization. Spray particles is large, part of the atomized diesel cylinder wall and piston top contact with cold, easy to condense into larger particles diesel, reduce mixture strength further, affect startup performance. Battery performance deterioration of the environment temperature in winter is low, the electrolyte viscosity increasing, the penetration ability, make its internal resistance increases, capacity and voltage drop. Which reduces the starter drive torque
Measures to improve the performance of diesel engine cold start
Correct measures taken are: thermal insulation can be for diesel engine and water tank installed insulation sleeve; In winter to cooling tank add antifreeze; To add battery insulation equipment; Using the exhaust pipe of exhaust gas residual heat of fuel heat preservation.
Reasonable preheating first, before start the diesel engine cooling system to heat water to preheat diesel engine cylinder sleeve; Secondly, barrels of oil have to be included in the hot water preheating, then add crankcase, and appropriate to turn the crankshaft, for each pair of sufficient lubrication, reducing the starting resistance.
Timely maintenance, in the winter is coming immediately to make the following maintenance – timely replacement of diesel fuel and oil brand, chooses the suitable local temperatures (diesel brand, according to the standard filling with oil in winter; In a timely manner to add antifreeze and equipped with thermal insulation sleeve; Clean lubricating system, replace oil filter cartridge; Inspect and replace start preheating plug; Check and adjust the battery electrolyte density; Check and adjust fuel supply quantity of fuel injection pump, nozzle pressure, atomization conditions, etc.

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