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Top motorcycle:Fastest falcon GSX1300R HAYABUSA Suzuki–As god motorcycle

Today’s each big motorcycle factories are in the development of a strong output power of motorcycle, for who is the first position.In 1999, the production of Fastest falcon GSX1300R HAYABUSA,In order to fight for the world is the fastest speed and the birth of a motorcycle title,Why is it called a falcon?Because the world’s fastest bird is falcon,

equipment: Horsepower is 175 hundred, in 9800 turn generates, the maximum torque is 14.1 kg, in 7000 turn generates, dry weight is 215 kg.

Complete testing, the manufacturer has made a speed of more than 300 km of commitment.Because the car at 300 km per hour of resistance is very big, so the car’s body design is reduced wind resistance for the center of gravity. The layman whole looks very streamline, top speed of 350 kilometers, if your home to work company the distance is 50 kilometers of words, open this 6 minutes to the company (the way the undead words).

Fastest falcon GSX1300R HAYABUSA Suzuki

Fastest falcon GSX1300R HAYABUSA Suzuki

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