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toro reelmaster 5210 5410 5510 5610 Electrical System repair TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE

For effective troubleshooting and repairs, theremust be a good understanding of the electrical circuits and components used on this machine (see Chapter 9 — Electrical Diagrams).If the machine has any interlock switches by–passed, they must be reconnected for proper troubleshooting and safety.

Diagnostic Light

Machines in the Reelmaster 5010 series are equipped with a diagnostic light that indicates if the machine electrical system is functioning correctly.The diagnostic light is located on the control panel (Fig. 7). When the ignition switch is moved to the RUN position and the ECM is functioning properly, the diagnostic light will be illuminated for approximately 3 seconds and then will turn off. The light should remain off during normal machine operation. If the ECM detects an electrical system malfunction (fault) duringmachine operation, the diagnostic light will flash rapidly. The light will stop flashing and will automatically reset when the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position. The fault, however, will be retained in ECM memory and can be retrieved at a future time. If the diagnostic light does not illuminate when the ignition switch is turned to the RUN position, possible causes are:

1. Loopback harness is not connected to the wire
2. The diagnostic light (or circuit wiring) is faulty.
3. ECM fuses are faulty.
4. The ECM is faulty.
Check electrical connections, ECM fuses and the diagnostic light to determine malfunction. Make sure loopback connector is secured to wire harness connector.

Retrieving Fault Codes

To retrieve faults fromECMmemory, perform the following
switch sequence:
1. Operator seat should be UNOCCUPIED, traction
pedal in neutral and PTO switch in the OFF position.
2. Make sure that both mow/backlap levers are in MOW.

Toro Reelmaster 5210 5410 5510 5610

Figure 7

1. Control panel

2. Diagnostic light
3. Place mow/transport lever in TRANSPORT.
4. Move and hold joystick in the RAISE position.
5. Turn ignition switch to RUN.
6. Monitor the diagnostic light for fault code(s).

A fault code will be displayed by the diagnostic light as two groups of up to 5 flashes with approximately 1 second between the two groups. If multiple faults have occurred, the three most recent faults will be displayedwith the oldest of those faults being shown last. Fault codes for multiple faults will be displayed with a 2 to 3 second pause in light flashes between fault codes. After the three fault codes have been displayed, there will be a 4 to 5 second pause and the fault codes will be repeated. If no faults are retained in ECM memory, the diagnostic light will flash continuously after following the above switch sequence.

Fault Code (Lamp Flashes) and Fault Description

1 — 1 High engine temp warning occurred (PTO was shutdown by ECM)
1 — 2 High engine temp shutdown occurred (engine was shutdown by ECM)
1 — 3 Low engine oil pressure occurred
1 — 4 Engine alternator fault occurred
1 — 5 Charging system voltage was incorrect (check charging system)
2 — 1 Check ECM output fuse 1
2 — 2 Check ECM output fuse 2
2 — 3 Check ECM output fuse 3
2 — 4 No power to all ECM output fuses (check main power relay)
2 — 5 Leak in hydraulic system detected by optional leak detector (reels shutdown
and leak detector alarm sounds)
3 — 1 Glow plug relay current was incorrect (check glow plug circuit)
3 — 2 Start relay current was incorrect (check starting circuit)
3 — 3 Fuel stop solenoid and fuel pump current were incorrect
3 — 5 MSV2 current was incorrect (check front mow electrical circuit)
4 — 1 SV1 current was incorrect (check cutting unit lift electrical circuit)
4 — 2 SV3 current was incorrect (check cutting unit lift electrical circuit)
4 — 3 SV2 current was incorrect (check cutting unit lift electrical circuit)
4 — 4 SVRV current was incorrect (check cutting unit lift electrical circuit)
4 — 5 MSV1 current was incorrect (check rear mow electrical circuit)
5 — 1 Signal from optional leak detector was lost
5 — 4 Internal ECM fault

Clearing Fault Codes

After fault codes have been retrieved, clearing of those faults from ECM memory can be completed using the following switch sequence:

1. Place machine switches in fault retrieval (see above). The diagnostic light should be displaying the fault codes.
2. Operator seat should remain UNOCCUPIED.
3. Move both mow/backlap levers to BACKLAP.
4. Move joystick to the RAISE position.
5. Monitor the diagnostic light for continuous flashing indicating that all faults have been cleared from ECM memory.

If more than 3 faults exist in theECMmemory, additional faults can be retrieved using the above procedures. If a fault is not retrieved from ECM memory within 40 hours of machine operating time, the faultwill be automatically cleared.

Diagnostic Display

Reelmaster 5010 machines are equipped with an Electronic Control Module (ECM) which controls machine electrical functions. The ECM monitors various input switches (e.g. ignition switch, seat switch, etc.) and energizes outputs to actuate solenoids or relays for the requested machine function.

For the ECM to control the machine as desired, each of the input switches, output solenoids and relays must be connected and functioning properly.

The Diagnostic Display is a tool to help the technician verify correct electrical functions of the machine.

1. Park machine on a level surface, lower the cutting units, stop the engine and engage the parking brake.
2. Open control panel cover. Locate wire harness and connectors near ECM. Carefully unplug loop back connector from harness connector (Fig. 8).
3. Connect the DiagnosticDisplay connector to the harness connector.Make sure correct overlay decal is positioned on the Diagnostic Display (Fig. 11).
4. Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position, but do not start machine.

Toro Reelmaster 5210 5410 5510 5610

Figure 8

1. ECM location
2. Loopback connector
3. Harness connector

Figure 9

Figure 9

1. Diagnostic display 2. Loopback connector

Diagnostic Display ECM Inputs and Fault Description

TEMP WARN Excessive engine temperature: LED ON
Normal engine temperature: LED OFF
JOYSTICK LOWER Joystick moved forward: LED ON
Joystick in neutral: LED OFF
FR REELS DN Cutting units lowered: LED ON
Cutting units raised: LED OFF
TRANSPORT OFF Mow/Transport lever in MOW: LED ON
Mow/Transport lever in TRANSPORT: LED OFF
BACKLAP RR Rear CU Backlap lever in BACKLAP: LED ON
Rear CU Backlap lever in MOW: LED OFF
BACKLAP FR Front CU Backlap lever in BACKLAP: LED ON
Front CU Backlap lever in MOW: LED OFF
P BRAKE OFF Parking brake released: LED ON
Parking brake applied: LED OFF
SEAT SWITCH Seat occupied: LED ON
Seat NOT occupied: LED OFF
JOYSTICK RAISE Joystick moved rearward: LED ON
Joystick in neutral: LED OFF
TEMP SHUTDN Very excessive engine temperature: LED ON
Normal engine temperature: LED OFF
ALT FAULT Engine not running or alternator faulty: LED ON
Alternator OK: LED OFF
OIL PRES LOW Engine not running OR low engine oil pressure: LED ON
Engine oil pressure OK: LED OFF
TR NEUTRAL Traction pedal in neutral: LED ON
Traction pedal in forward or reverse: LED OFF
KEY START Ignition switch in START: LED ON
Ignition switch in RUN or OFF: LED OFF
KEY RUN Ignition switch in RUN or START: LED ON
Ignition switch in OFF: LED OFF

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