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Two new Caterpillar excavator-E Series Mini Hydraulic Excavators 306E and 307E

Recently, Caterpillar customer demand for Chinese E-Series mini hydraulic excavators, the models were 306E, 307E. According to the reporter was informed that the factory in Wujiang launch of two new models are highly differentiated advantages, its high performance and lower fuel consumption, which can further reduce the use of equipment costs.

Caterpillar 306E hydraulic excavator

Caterpillar 306E hydraulic excavator

Obviously, E series small hydro excavators Caterpillar for Chinese customers higher performance, lower the cost of this growing demand and product development. Excavators Caterpillar has decades of experience in product design, global development team to design and set up a factory in Wujiang design department with the help of two products of the E series D in addition to continuing high-quality performance, but also has lower fuel consumption and maintenance cost characteristics. In addition, both products used C2.6 turbocharged direct injection engine can improve fuel consumption by 15% (Note: like, compared to the Caterpillar).


Caterpillar 307E hydraulic excavator

Caterpillar 307E hydraulic excavator

That you have imported from Japan have been reported or user Caterpillar mini hydraulic excavators in China by the supply of Caterpillar Xuzhou plant this. It will be the first in the Chinese market, in the future, a new release of the two models will be exported to other emerging markets.

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