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Volvo launched FMX engineering vehicles

On the bauma in Munich in 2010, Volvo FMX highlighted for truck market models, or show in Munich BMW 2013, Volvo launched a new modified FMX. New FMX on appearance design and a new Volvo FH/FM, at the same time according to the characteristics of engineering vehicle, with some features.

Since it is for engineering vehicles, often in the face of harsh environment, new FMX on the basis of the original become more wild, rough lines, if slightly unkempt even mean. Between bumper is divided into three parts, use different material to cope with bad working condition of engineering vehicles, bumper upside has a strong towing hook, the design of traction to 32 tons.
New lamps are the most obvious reflected the new Volvo family characteristics, unique lines and vehicle profile have a better combination of fortitude.

Outside wheelhouse mainly from local modelling and function is improved, the interior is replaced by Volvo, a brand new design. Button on the steering wheel integrates multiple functions, including the cruise control, telephone and navigation, etc. New console is more close to the bridge, is more convenient to operate. Seat is new design, increased the adjustment point of view.

Recently launched the dynamics of the steering system has been used in the new FMX,, the system in to machine a new electric motor, according to the precise control of electronic control unit (ECU), improve the steering rapidity and accuracy. To highlight the system operation of the light, in the video Volvo deliberately chose a comely female driver, driving FMX on complex roads.

Low chassis targeted improvements to increase air suspension
Chassis for truck also made corresponding adjustments, such as front axle to move forward 10 centimeters, so before hanging decrescent, through improving; Chassis maximum height of 30 cm from the ground.

New FMX can choose after the balloon hanging in effective feedback conditions prevailing, the greatest degree of improving comfort. Whether under the condition of the empty or overloading, can provide comfortable, flexible driving experience.
In order to reduce the turning radius and tire wear, 8 x4 is after three bridge types, namely in two rows behind the drive axle, with a follow-up bridge, with hydraulic steering servo bridge, at the same time, in bad conditions, follow-up bridge can boost up, this can increase the adhesion of drive axle.

Volvo I – Shift transmission system in the new FMX models will support fully drive model. In order to better play to the performance of the vehicle, Volvo also offers a full set of training programs for engineering vehicles. Official offer gear oil change mileage of 450000 km, it also ensures a higher attendance rate.
Volvo’s new FMX engine chosen by two displacement, 11 and 13 litres. D11 between 330-330 – horsepower engine, D13 coverage between 380-540 horsepower. Europe will try Oh six comprehensive emission standard, so the new FMX two engine will conform to the new standard.


Nearly two years European brands are for truck market corresponding models, professional trucks segments become more strengthen, it is inevitable trend of development of the truck. New FMX increased on the basis of the original model more models for engineering design, the new design changed more in order to improve the efficiency of the trucks and persistence, all of which is the most important for the user.

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